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Your solution worked for me too. You can try to transfer the drive to a new case, but it’s just as likely even more likely, IMO that you need a new drive in this case. That is probably your only chance to recover the data without paying someone else to do it. Does the device show in Disk Management? Just look in our Storage forum. You are reporting the following post: The drive light is on, and you can hear a soft rhythmic clicking, as if the drive is spinning on an endless loop.

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I unfortunately have 3 GB passport drives. Help wd1200xms 00 new PC is kinda bad. I am a wd1200xms 00 shocked to see wd1200xxms response come from a moderator. The only way to get it to shut down is to hold the physical power button down till it shuts down.

Have you looked at those other forum threads? A lot of people were sending their units back as defective It should detect it as another hard drive in your system and you should be able to access the files. BB code is on. Every few weeks or longer, the drive simply disappears and cannot be accessed, even after unplugging and replugging it in. I wd1200xms 00 the drive home to see if I could recover it.

Drive spins up, the I hear a ‘crink’ a few seconds later. I don’t wd1200xms 00 what type of connection the hard drive in the USB case uses. I bought a WD Passport gb.

I am glad this worked. The drive wd1200xms 00 simply not detected. All wd1200xms 00 are GMT These devices are not storage and poor backups. Turbo Boost vs Wd1200xmd. Ok I thought, try a new cable! Already done that, doesn’t change anything.

Why not have your files in two places for safety? That is probably your only chance to recover the data without paying someone else to do it.

I have new business laptop that I use, wd1200xms 00 I assume that it is powerful enough to run the drive without external power. It was once wd1200xms 00. Please supply a better example when the member is either not following directions or not telling us they wd1200xms 00. So it was the USB card that was dead, I am looking online now for a new casing, fyi it was 2.

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Cheers again for the good work! Rebooting wd1200xs computer does not solve the problem. Recently I acquired a Dell laptop wd1200xms 00 thought whoopee doo! This post has been flagged and will be reviewed by our staff.

Western Digital Passport Portable Hard Drive Wd1200xms Black

Half an hour latter when i plugged it back in Windows suddenly would no longer recognize it, failing to open or read it at all, giving me a “drivers could not be installed” and “device not wd1200xms 00 as well as “Windows has stopped this device because it has reported problems” message under the menage wd1200xms 00 tab. Perhaps these are faulty cables somehow.

I than tried to open the external hard drive on my old computer which has Windows Xp but it again failed to open, giving me the same messages as Windows 7 did and I must point that wd1200xms 00 was using this drive on the Windows xp Pc for years without any problem, until this day, when i for the first attempted to open it with Windows 7 I also tried it on wd1200xms 00 couple of other PCs but with no success at all, always getting wd1200xms 00 same error message – “device not recognized”.

I plugged it into my Vista box there, and it started up fine. I tried to plug it directly into the USB port on the back of my computer and it worked instantly.

I am not trying to flame you but it usually isn’t helpful to give a “you should have done this” kind of response. I’ve tried different data wd1200xms 00 software, but they do not work because they can’t detect the drive.

I wd1200xms 00 kept all my pictures and music on the drive. I have cleared wd1200ms all off now, but they were doing some weird things to my internet connection for a while. Thank god for the internet. I know that your wd1200xms 00 are to help but that is something for them to consider in the 000. Thanks for everyone’s help.


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