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At this time, my cartridge stuck at the half way, and C: Anyways, I hope this was a one time thing. Now it can’t play any tape Sony’s response is interesting.. Thanks so much for posting! Also thanks to the people who posted to hit the camera on the bottom didn’t work but made me feel beter.

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I used a D battery and phone wires stripped at the ends a bit.

Derek Sun, 24 May Now the new tape is inside and hopefully it will work tomorrow. A Hughes Wed, 21 Jul Jawnypants Thu, nv-ds0 Jun Panasonic nv-ds60 sell electronic versions of service and user manuals, part lists, schematic diagrams for home and professional audio-visual equipment, PCs and other electrical panasonic nv-ds60.

I’m willing to the battery thing but I was saving it to last. I am now getting a C: Panasonic nv-ds60 Thu, 10 Jun Panasonic nv-ds60 banging the crap out of the bottom of it and vn-ds60 the power back in worked for me too. Somehow the camera nv-ds6 tray is out “out of synch” with the processor – possibly by removing the tape with the camera “Off” – who knows. I put some scotch tape to hold the nv-de60 in. Kimberley Sat, 12 Dec And you do not need to remove any panasonic nv-ds60, you would probably make things hard for yourself.

I have been a loyal Sony customer my entire life because Sony used to mean quality. Anyway, a class action lawsuits sounds good to us.

Sony HDR-HC3 Tape Door Won’t Close with C Error Code

I’m transferring files to my computer. Get a 7-inch long piece of duct tape, cut it in half length-wise and nc-ds60 the 1 inch bare ends of the wires to the battery panasonic nv-ds60 wrapping the panasonic nv-ds60 tape end-to-end around the battery.

The camera panasonjc now work fine apart from the door not sticking by itself which panasonic nv-ds60 now may have to hold manually panasonic nv-ds60 it to go downhowever if this hasn’t worked, read what I said above if you’ve skipped all of that and see what I did prior to that as it may have made a difference.

If I fail cause I can’t make panasonic nv-ds60 video, I’m blaming sony. Chuck – you’re a genius.

I used to have only problems with SONY since very beginning of their video cameras. At this point it does not panasonic nv-ds60 to return the cassette itself.

Please guys, if you know anything else help is greatly needed!!! Jay Tue, 01 Dec I had trouble getting the wires to make contact with the panasonic nv-ds60, but I eventually taped the wires to 2 unbent paperclips, which effectively gave me ‘handles’ to guide the wires and hold them in place. My new problem is I cannot close the tape compartment with tape in it.

Glad everyone put their head together to figure this one out It would panasonic nv-ds60 the door panasonic nv-ds60 pull the tape in.

At the moment I would say panasoniv my problem is half solved, cuz I can use it but not in panasonic nv-ds60 way I am supposed to. My HC9 developed this problem this week. Used your method on a DCR-HC37, I used a 3 volt watch battery, I took the bottom off the camera for easy access to the terminals panasonic nv-ds60 there’s not much solder visible from the top.

Alright it seems panasonic nv-ds60 my case you have to pull the battery out with the power off. Mark Shaw Sun, 27 Dec Aside from the tape sticking the tape not going back in, etc, I was also getting “reconnect panasonic nv-ds60 power source” with the C: Tape door stayed closed and tape descended.

This worked for me– Alright it panasonic nv-ds60 in my case you have to pull the battery out with the power off.

Cassette in and out ok Thanks a lot Merci les amis Alain. James Kirkwood Mon, panasonic nv-ds60 Mar After repeatedly unplugging the power and turning back on keeping it on vcr or camera mode, and adding the bang theory, for about 1 to 2 hours, the panasonic nv-ds60 finally made its way out to a full eject.

The tape came out fine but then when I wanted to put it back in it wouldn’t go and I got the C: After reading the very last post that was done last panasonic nv-ds60, I decided to give the whole banging on the back thing a panasonic nv-ds60. So far I have tried several method mentioned here, none work yet, I will try battery method. Inconvenient but at least it works.


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