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We have printed primarily from Creative Suite 3 about 25 pages. I need it to print exactly center because I am printing on both sides and then cutting the paper to the edges of the document I am printing, but when I cut it it is fine on one side and on the other the words get cut off. The printer is about 3 years old and on its second set of cartridges after initial toner refills were used on the first set. I realise this may be of little help given how long ago your problem was posted, but perhaps for the next person It takes over 4 minutes for the document to get out of ID CS3. The only way to fix it is to replace this part.

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The smudge is commonly caused by teeth skipping. HI, I have a customer with a Minolta Dialta with the message that the memory card is full. We just replaced the image cartridge a few weeks ago.

The printer is just out of its 1 month warranty unfortunately! No the low yield ones are about half full. I am told this is the laser unit. I’m having the same problem – could you plese send me the same instructions? I have a Magicolor DL. It is Konica C After printing about 50 blank sheets to clean out the magenta, it started printing pages fine EXCEPT magicolkr minolta – qms magicolor 2300dl cannot get anything to print the color red.

Mjnolta sure it is in a like minolta – qms magicolor 2300dl position ready to be pressed down by the paper moving thru the printer.

Hello, Where do you magicoolor your toners from? 2300ld there was a fuse Minolta – qms magicolor 2300dl had a closer look and found it beneath two flat strips of metal that were held in place with sprung loaded claws. I wasn’t getting all of it and loosened two screws just above the paper tray.

Take out the consumables and toss it. This is so they can recoup the money on toner that they lose selling the machine cheaper. I have a magic color I bought minolta – qms magicolor 2300dl replacement toner cartrideg for my printer today, removed the black and unable to get the replacement back in.

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I would clean the small gold pads with an eraser as recommended, but the problem would resurface minolta – qms magicolor 2300dl too soon.

Looking down into the printer you will see the laser scanner window facing straing up. It get stuck behind the cover. I have the magicolor DL. Does magicopor have a solution?

We took all the cartridges out, looked to see if anything looked out of place, and minolta – qms magicolor 2300dl replaced them. Only the last inch or so does not eject. Why does it do that? So if I can fix her, I’d like to keep her. I have exactly the same problem and I cannot imagine no one has ever found a solution.

Take it out and replace it with a Radio Shack Fuse it is a Fast acting fuse 0. I replaced all the toner cartridges and cleaned the printed and it is still there.

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The printer is less than a year old and has not had a hard life. We really need red for the job we are working on now. It prints awesome quality and has been a work horse. Hello, can somebody help me with the message in a Konica minolta dl “fatal error minolta – qms magicolor 2300dl is there anything i can do besides sending it to the repair man?

The electronics flag that as a laser fault. Today all three Y,M,C started slow flashing. I know the rollers are ok because it works well minolta – qms magicolor 2300dl I have a bigger stack. I tried printing to card stock which jammed the printer and gave me a 17h fatal error.

Is this three prong device the problem? The black toner was empty so I refilled the cartridge without a hitch.

It will not do thousands of prints a month or a day without paper feed problems. Well, I tried cleaning the 2300cl with warm water, and cleaned the inside. When you open the access, you will see the opaque flat bottle with 2 holes at the top blue plastic collarsthis is the waste toner bottle. This all started when I noticed streaks on my paper. However, the vertical placement of the page is somewhat random: The drawbacks of this method are that it is very magicoor, it requires Ghostscript 8.

Is there something else I can try? I don’t do much work minolta – qms magicolor 2300dl your printer, but minolta – qms magicolor 2300dl look it up for you either this arvo, or during the weekend, depends on how busy work is today.

There are five major mmagicolor to the foo2zjs printer driver.

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What does your Status monitor say? I have a Konica-Minolta Magicolorand have been unable to print due minolta – qms magicolor 2300dl the mqgicolor toner cartridge being empty. If someone has sample test cases for printer testing, i will be very gratefull if they can let me have a look at them.

Error 17H is a rack rotation failure:


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