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But if i insert diff sim card i unable to register or the network is not available. James Ignacio – May 18, I would definitely recommend routerunlock. Mazarin07 – October 31, 1: When i click my Unlock then comming username and password but i know everyone have buisness.

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We will come to your help As Soon As Possible: Need your help in this. My nos remoel I have seen they are listing latest ROM images there. Check this article http: Dennis Oshilim June 21, at 6: After these all I was able to hsupa usb stick model mf190 to 3G internet only using Mobile Partner.

Turn it off hsupa usb stick model mf190 on again I have no network. Thanks a lot for this post that still remain fresh uptill date. Gujarat Could you please tell me what are the settings to set up 3G on the tablet. Please can i get unlock code: Pls, help me unlock this data-card with IMEI: Kamlesh Finally I made it! If I need fully unlock the device and upgrade greely, should I change the firmware first, then unlock it with the code?

Hi Kamlesh, Will be willing to unlock a Air card s. I have explained this more than 5 times. I need to unlock my glo bolt e huawei modem.

Connect Dongle to Android Tablet

Marco – November 25, The Dongle is Hardware Locked. The important part is it got locked following several attempts by a friend. Thanks a million to any soul who would be able to help me!

How can i know b digit unlock code.??? Funsho Kolawole December 17, at 6: I try to update with frimware for model Huawei Es then it was asking me the unlock code then I put installation mode from DC-Unlocker hsupa usb stick model mf190 all of them are failing. Flaming Hot – November 24, 2: Can ysb unlock for me?

Pls my modem does not appear on my system so i cannot install it.

Unlocking huawei HSPA modem for free

At last there is one that really works without a catch. Funsho, its like there’s no hope hsupa usb stick model mf190 modeo again to unlock my modem. Detect in DC unlocker and paste the following at the end of the result: You can download the lates firmware from http: Or have to use the SIM card straight with the Tab? The tablet automatically set the APN. For bundle unlocking you hsupa usb stick model mf190 most welcomed as we unlock at a very competitive price.

Actually they are simple. Samsung Galaxy tab I have only one chance to enter the correct code now. Hi Dennis Can you please explain more about your problem. You can use any sim of 3G, not sure about 4G.

Please help me to get them back. But when I tried to unlock my data-card using bsnl sim, it asked me for unlock code gave me 10 attempts.

Maria Bradbury – November 7, 9: Ashutosh – October 11, 1: Kashif – November 28, JOE – December 27, 1: Fahri – November 19, 8: Push the hsupa usb stick model mf190 code by using that software downloaded from this URL http: Locked customized firmware Wrong codes entered:


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