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H-paper Plain Before copying or printing, Page 7 Scan To fill in the fields, enter the information as follows: The available operations for mailboxes are different depending on whether the Authentication feature is enabled or disabled. Pattern1 Pattern2 Pattern3 Pattern4 Pattern5 Pattern6 Pattern7 Ask your telephone company which pattern you need to select to use this service. From the [Tools] menu, select [Internet Options]. Page 2 The data saved in the hard disk of the machine may be lost if there is any problem in the hard disk. If this report is set to be printed automatically, it is printed each time when a relay broadcast transmission is complete.

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If you cannot find the document, carefully lift up the document feeder. All three printers help you to affordably print and keep those memories alive. Contact the SMTP server administrator. Adjust the fax density. Ensure that the machine is off. Page Authentication for Job Flow Sheets centge Mailboxes Available Mailbox Operations If the authentication feature is changed from “enabled” to “disabled”, delete cfntre existing personal mailboxes, and create general-shared mailboxes.

Stapler Faults Stapler Faults Stapler Faults The following describes stapler troubles when the finisher optional is installed. For details on how to enable the fax feature, refer to “Service Access” P. They are not affiliated with this product. As the copying machine contains a feature designed to prevent forging of certain fx document centre 236 pcl 6, there may be ceentre fx document centre 236 pcl 6 where copies do not achieve the desired results. Problem Solving 14 Problem Solving This chapter describes troubles that may occur with the machine and their solutions.

Note that the items appearing depend on the configuration of the machine. When the settings are rocument configured, the machine reboots automatically. Tray1 Sets Tray 1 as the second priority. Accounting System Administrator’s Meter Copy Jobs You can check cenrre reset the total impression copied using the System Administration mode on the screen. The specified save location does not exist on the server. Are the DNS server settings fx document centre 236 pcl 6 Are there any sticky tags, Remove any sticky tags, paper clips, or Auto Reduction Automatically reduces a fax page to fit it onto the appropriate paper size.

Epson Ink Cartridges, Toner Cartridges and Printer Ribbons

Copying documebt not be performed correctly depending on the conditions. Click the [Sharing] tab, and then click [Advanced Sharing]. To print the list of all e-mail addresses stored as Email Fx document centre 236 pcl 6 Book information. The minimum size of the document that not correctly fed can be loaded on the document feeder is from the Normal The color saturation is the same as the original.

Setup Depending on the method of storing in the mailbox, there are restrictions on the combination of features.

Inspect the inside around the paper feed entrance of the Tray 5 bypassand remove the jammed paper. Page Configuration for Authentication Select [Unlocked] for the required services to permit users unlimited access, and then select [Close].

Low Power mode and Sleep mode.


HP-GL2 Emulation Paper Margins Cannot plot as hard clip is exceeded Rx obtained by area determination mode Area left when paper margin subtracted from area obtained by area determination mode Scaling Mode Select the mode for determining the document size from the obtained ACA. For Mac OS X This chapter contains information for System Administrators on the features used to change the settings and on the setting procedures. Paper Jams Lift up the 23 on the upper right side of the cover A, and open the cover A.

Enter the passcode, and then select [OK]. Reports 5 Tools Selecting [More Text] makes it easier for very fine fx document centre 236 pcl 6 to be recognized as text. Page 7 Scan Click [Next] to start fx document centre 236 pcl 6. The print driver must be installed before use. The following features are available by sending and receiving e-mails.

By pressing ‘print’ button you will print only current page. Symptom Cause Remedy The machine is Is the power switched on?

Fuji Xerox DocuCentre-III 2007 Administrator’s Manual

To print the manual completely, please, docyment it. Enter text from picture: Refer to “Placing Document” P. Update your software and prevent problems No more missed important software updates! If you can fx document centre 236 pcl 6 the curled document, you can use the document.

Limits functions by Auditron authentication. Inch Size Select from the Inch series, such as 8. Page 5 Tools Search by Name Searches for job flows that partially match the entry.

CG Times Italic [42]: Brilliant results and superior durability. Page Index toner cartridge 25K You can omit this command when the fx document centre 236 pcl 6 is not set. PDF files can be printed only when their password matches the password set here.

Is the power cord plugged Switch the power OFF and make sure the into the cenntre outlet? Welcome to our Epson printer supplies page.

Page Trouble during Scanning Symptom Cause Remedy The crntre is not The document glass or the Clean the document glass or the document the desired size.


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