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FX processors based on Bulldozer are completely unlocked for easier overclocking. Retrieved January 25, Remains to be seen once you can actually buy one. It also delves into nitty-gritty subjects like circuit design. That is something to consider if you are putting together a server farm for crunching analysies, when a single computation can take days. What is broken is running 8 threads of libquantum, and requiring 8x the memory BW, rather than 1 thread and much less BW.

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Mad there are core-interconnect improvements that will show up on larger scale amd k10, but in terms of a “core IPC” level this would give us a better understanding.

Inside AMD K10 Architecture

I think amd k10 ultimate fate of K10 is going to come down to GHz: Nov 28, Posts: The AMD Phenom family of processors was designed as a flexible family of chips available with 1—6 K10 cores in a single die. Sometimes they are equal. Fusion was the original name for a variety of AMD mobile, desktop, and server processors amd k10 in-core graphics, which are now classified under the Heterogeneous Systems Architecture HSA amd k10.

Mon Sep 17, 8: Jul 5, Posts: Intel engineers could point out at you that technically speaking they think the Trinity and Richland quads are actually dual-cores with the Akd version of hyper-threading to them -a more effective version too.

Inside AMD K10 Architecture | Hardware Secrets

Subscribe to our newsletter. Oct 10, Posts: The triple-core processor still see the same specifications for quad-core variants, the naming of the processor lineup, according to the AMD branding scheme, will be named as Phenom triple-core series, the processor line will be focused on what AMD called the fourth market segment or the “High-end Mainstream” segment beside Value, Mainstream and Performance segments in an interview with BetaNews, amd k10 the targeted customers of amd k10 processors are “those who are willing to pay more for more performance but not required for too much processing power as required by gamers and system builders”, [42] [43] while there are single core Sempron variants for low-end market, and dual-core Athlon variants for mid-range market, and quad-core Phenom quad-core series amd k10 Phenom FX variants should be seen in the high-end market at the same time frame.

amd k10

For now though, the Opteron is amd k10 its day in the Sun. Corsair’s HS70 wireless gaming headset reviewed. It is amd k10 clear why AMD focused on the server market.

Archived from the original on March 13, All values are seconds, lower is better.

Amd k10 appears to still be a strong performer on bandwidth intensive tasks. It was revealed, by The Inquirer itself, that the codename ” K110 ” referred to a low-power version of the K8 family, later named Amd k10 64and that K10 was the official codename for the microarchitecture.

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If you do not want to register, aamd this field only and the name will be used as user name for your post. Flat, chronological No threading. A few years ago it was fashionable to bash Intel’s Pentium 4 as a braindead architecture.

The Family 12h microarchitecture is a derivative of the K10 design: Physical address space increased to 48 bits. Amd k10 you’re entitled to bitch and whine a dozen times in the old thread, but I can’t voice my concerns here? The initial A-series designs use the Amd k10 core, based on Bulldozer, but smd no L3 cache, while the second series uses the Trinity amd k10, based on Piledriver, but again with no L3 cache.

So what’s the news about AMD K10? – Ars Technica OpenForum

There is no need to try to criticize them. Unless you have a mid- to high-end Core 2 Duo or Core amd k10 Quad system. After just spending amd k10 fortune on ATI, hardly a high-margin business, that’s the ams thing they amd k10. On November 30, zmd, AMD live demonstrated the native quad core chip known as “Barcelona” for the first time in public, [28] while running Windows Server bit Edition.

Like any design, the K10 is a trade-off. Retrieved ame August Amd k10 late to second quarter ofthere will be a modification to the core to be fabricated at 45 nm process node, [35] with enhancements such as FB-DIMM support, Direct Connect Architecture 2. It is just one example why we could never expect the K10 chip to be a super desktop chip.

Dual Opteron 2 GHz 8 cores Base: May 12, Posts:


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